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We choose the finest seasonal blooms using this image as our inspiration.
Pickup only Saturday/Sunday
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Candy Cane - $100+

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  • We do not offer refunds for orders placed after 12pm that require same day delivery. However a store credit will be issued.


    Please note: Image is a representation of size only. If you would like something specific included in your arrangement please send in special requests & we will do our best to fullfill requests. Please note flowers are seasonal and subject to availability. We strive to use distinctive, unique seasonal pieces in our arrangements which may seem visually smaller than supermarket bouquets. We focus on uniqueness and quality, not quantity.


    Please see T & C for full details on return/refund policy.

  • Delivery available Monday - Friday. Orders that are incorrectly placed for delivery on Saturday/Sunday will automatically be dispatched the proceeding Monday. We do not offer refunds for incorrectly placed weekend orders.


    Please enter your delivery address in SHIPPING INFORMATION. Please include business name or hospital ward number if applicable.You can select your delivery region from the DELIVERY METHOD drop down menu.


    If you require Charlestown Square in store delivery please enter the shop name and level in SHIPPING INFORMATION to ensure correct delivery.


    Please be advised that orders are to be placed before 12pm for same day delivery. If you would like a future delivery date, please enter the date required under DELIVERY DATE. Our delivery run commences after 12pm weekdays. Morning deliveries are only available for weddings and special events. All commercial deliveries will be delivered by 5pm and residential deliveries before 6pm. If you require them sooner please let us know and we will endeavour to meet this request. All orders placed after 12pm will require pick up only or a future delivery date set.

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