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Everylasting bouquets filled with flowers and foliages that are completely dried and will continue to last and keep their colour! You will expect to see any of the following in your suprise bouquet of everlasting blooms: Statice, Eucalyptus/Gum leaf, King Protea, Protea variations, Banksia, Teasel, Billy Buttons, Stirlingia, Wheat, Cotton, Palm, Paper Daisy, Fern, Roses and more! Colours and flowers used may vary and subject to availabilty.


Care instructions: As flowers are dried, be gentle when handling them. Keep out of direct sunlight as this can bleach colour. 

Everlasting Bouquet

  • Delivery available Monday - Friday. Orders that are incorrectly placed for delivery on Saturday/Sunday will automatically be dispatched the proceeding Monday. We do not offer refunds for incorrectly placed weekend orders.

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